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Why is the PCB surface oil green in the majority?

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PCB surface oil green mostly, for the following reasons:

Cost considerations: Usually, PCB circuit board production in the process of making boards, there are several processes must go through the yellow room, because the green in the yellow room effect is better than other colors. In addition, in the SMT for soldering components, to go through the solder paste and patch, as well as the final AOI calibration light process, all need optical positioning calibration, there is a green background color of the board on the instrument to identify the effect is good. Therefore, from the cost point of view, the use of green ink can reduce production costs.

Environmental Considerations: Green ink is by far the most widely used, the longest time of use, but also the cheapest on the market, so green is used by a large number of manufacturers as the main color of PCB products. In addition, green ink is relatively environmentally friendly and generally does not release toxic gases when used in high temperature environments.

Visual Effect Consideration: Green color can effectively reflect red and blue light, which means that even in low-light environments, green PCBs can still be clearly visible. It is very friendly for workers, eye protection and clarity.

Production and Maintenance Considerations: The production process, although the inspection can be tested with flying probe, but due to the level of technology and production costs, a lot of inspection and maintenance or need to use the naked eye to observe, the green color under the glare of the green is relatively the least harmful to the eyes, the green wiring is easier to see, and white and black is relatively difficult to see. Maintenance of PCB boards, different wiring is easier to distinguish from white, while black and white is relatively difficult to see.


Healthy PCB surface oil should be non-toxic, low-smoke, non-irritating, with good electrical insulation and corrosion resistance, and will not negatively affect the environment and human health. In addition, healthy PCB surface oil should also have good adhesion and abrasion resistance, which can ensure that the PCB remains stable and good performance during long-term use.

In order to ensure the healthiness of PCB surface oil, you should choose brands and manufacturers with quality assurance and try to avoid the use of poor quality or unhealthy inks and chemical solvents. At the same time, appropriate protective measures, such as wearing protective clothing, gloves, masks, etc., should be taken during production and use to minimize the hazards to human health.

In addition, in order to reduce the impact of PCB surface oil on the environment, environmental protection measures should be taken, such as recycling waste oil and reducing unnecessary waste. At the same time, manufacturers and consumers should also pay attention to the environmental performance of PCB surface oil, choose products that meet environmental standards, to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

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