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Why is Surface of The PCB Circuit Board for Green Color Mostly?

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Most of the PCB circuit boards we see for the first time or common PCB circuit board color is green. Why is the surface color of most PCB circuit boards green? Can PCB circuit boards be made colorful?

We see the color of the PCB circuit board is actually the color of the solder resist, different colors of the solder resist in the manufacture of the role and impact is different, so the different colors of the solder resist, it will affect the final manufacturer's choice.


A. The Impact of Different Colors in The Passage of Ultraviolet Light:

First of all, the PCB circuit board is in the production of solder resist is needed to better let the ultraviolet light through, to ensure that the exposure needs to be exposed to the place, and different colors of solder resist on the impact of ultraviolet light is different. Among them, green, blue and red have a higher transmittance and are more suitable for coating.

B. Different Colors Have Different Performance Differences in The Process of Line Inspection:

Secondly, it is in the line inspection needs to have circuit part and no circuit part has higher difference, using yellow and green such lighter color contrast is more obvious, and black and red such darker color contrast is more difficult to distinguish, so yellow and green is more suitable.

C. Yellow Solder Resist's in The Inspection Process of Defects:

In addition, in the machine and manual inspection, the color of yellow solder resist will lead to the yellow background and the difference between the solder joints is not obvious, not conducive to efficient inspection, so yellow is excluded.

D. The Benefits of Green Solder Resist in The Manual Inspection Process:

Finally, the green color in the manual visual inspection has better comfort, less prone to visual fatigue, so the green solder resist has become the mainstream, making the green PCB circuit boards are in the greatest demand, the production is also much higher than other colors, making the price cheaper, so most of the PCB circuit boards we see are green.

E. Blue and Black Solder Resist Selection Characteristics:

Of course, some businesses have special needs, but also customized different colors of PCB circuit boards, black and blue PCB circuit boards are currently in addition to the green outside of the second most common color, but the price is also more expensive, so generally will be seen in the positioning of higher products, the future with the increase in player demand, we will see more colorful PCB circuit boards.


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