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What is The Difference Between High Frequency PCB and High Speed PCB?

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PCB circuit boards are an important and indispensable part of electronic products, and PCB circuit boards used in different application scenarios also have different characteristics and advantages. Among them, high frequency PCB boards and high-speed PCB boards are two special PCB circuit boards, which have unique application scenarios and advantages over ordinary PCB circuit boards.

A. High Frequency PCB Board and High-speed PCB Board Features

  1. a, High Frequency PCB Board
  2. High frequency PCB board is characterized by its high frequency operating environment with excellent transmission performance. At the same time, high frequency board board thickness is thinner, line width, line spacing is also more delicate than ordinary PCB circuit board. In addition, the dielectric constant of high frequency boards is particularly small, so it can reduce signal loss and improve signal transmission rate and reception sensitivity. High frequency PCB boards generally use RO4350B, RO4003C, F4B and other materials.
  3. b, High-speed PCB Board
  4. High-speed PCB board is characterized by its line of equal length performance is better, in the transmission of high-speed digital signals with better signal integrity and anti-jamming ability. In addition, high-speed PCB board board thickness is generally thicker, can effectively inhibit EMI (electromagnetic interference). High-speed boards often use FR4, PI and other materials.

High Frequency PCB

B. The Difference Between High Frequency PCB Boards and High-speed PCB Boards

  1. Although high frequency PCB boards and high-speed PCB boards are used to transmit signals PCB circuit boards, but the two have the following differences in practical applications.
  2. a, The Frequency Range is Different
  3. High frequency PCB board is used in the frequency band of more than 1GHz, while the high-speed board is mainly used to transmit digital signals, in the modulation and demodulation frequency of tens of MHz to GHz level.
  4. b, Line Width, Board Thickness is Different
  5. Because the high frequency PCB board needs to use micro-fine lines, so its line width, line spacing than the high-speed board is finer, the board thickness is relatively thin. And high-speed PCB board line isometric better, so the line width, line spacing can be appropriately increased some, the board thickness can also be slightly thicker.
  6. c, Different Materials
  7. High frequency PCB board often use materials compared to high-speed PCB board dielectric constant to be smaller, in order to reduce the loss of signal transmission. And high-speed PCB boards often use the material is usually better than the general PCB circuit board, such as FR4 high TG material.

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