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What Are The Requirements for PCB Multilayer Ccircuit Board Proofing?

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PCB multilayer circuit board proofing requirements include the following aspects:

Tidy Appearance: Sampling, the sample board is required to have a flat appearance, no burrs on the edges, and there will be no blistering and delamination between the wires and solder resist film. This will ensure better welding results, but also to ensure that PCB manufacturers produce PCB multilayer circuit boards in line with the appearance of the actual use of the requirements.

Reasonable Process:  Before sampling, the need to study the PCB multilayer circuit board process is reasonable, such as the existence of mutual interference between the lines, in order to ensure that the PCB multilayer circuit board can run smoothly for a long time.

CAM Optimization: In order to obtain high-quality PCB multilayer circuit boards, in the sampling needs to be related to CAM processing. This treatment includes the adjustment of line width, spacing and pads between the realization of optimization, etc., to ensure that the PCB multilayer circuit board circuit interaction between good signals, so that the sample board quality is more superior.

Material Selection: Sampling needs to choose the right material, including plate, copper foil, insulation layer and so on. Different materials have different performance characteristics and need to be selected according to the specific application scenarios and requirements.

Precision Requirements:  PCB multilayer circuit boards require high precision, including line width, spacing, alignment and so on. Proofing needs to ensure that these precision requirements are met to ensure the performance and reliability of the PCB multilayer circuit board.

Reliability Testing:  After the completion of proofing needs to be carried out reliability testing, including voltage testing, temperature testing, vibration testing, etc.. These tests can ensure the stability and reliability of PCB multilayer circuit boards in actual use.

Environmental Requirements:  With the improvement of environmental awareness, PCB multilayer circuit board prototyping also need to meet environmental requirements. In the selection of materials and production processes need to take into account environmental factors to ensure that the production process in line with environmental standards.

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Sampling Cycle: Sampling cycle needs to be reasonably arranged to ensure that the sampling task is completed within the specified time. At the same time, it also needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation to avoid delays in the production schedule.

Proofing Costs: Proofing costs need to be reasonably controlled, including material costs, labor costs, equipment costs and so on. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, need to minimize the cost of proofing, improve economic efficiency.

After-sales Service: PCB multilayer circuit board proofing is completed, you need to provide perfect after-sales service, including technical support, maintenance and so on. This will ensure that customers encounter problems in the use of the process can be resolved in a timely manner to improve customer satisfaction.

In short, PCB multilayer circuit board proofing requirements are very many, need to consider and optimize from many aspects. Only by meeting these requirements can we produce high-quality, high-reliability PCB multilayer circuit boards to meet customer needs.

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