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What are The Requirements for Industrial Control PCB Circuit Boards and High Frequency PCB Circuit Boards?

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With the continuous development of technology, the level of industrial automation is becoming higher and higher, and various types of industrial automation equipment are emerging endlessly, such as elevators, industrial power supplies, servo motors, etc. These types of equipment operate for a long time. In industrial control PCB circuit boards, wiring setup is a crucial step that directly affects the stability and reliability of the circuit board.

A. Layout of Industrial Control PCB Circuit Board:

Before setting up the wiring of industrial control PCB circuit boardsthe layout of the circuit board must be determined first. The layout arrangement can make the wiring more reasonable, which is beneficial for reducing circuit noise and interference. When determining the layout, it is also necessary to consider the position and wiring method of electronic components.

B. Set the Ground Wire for the Industrial Control PCB Circuit Board:

The grounding wire setting of industrial control PCB circuit boards is very important to avoid interference caused by the grounding wire. The grounding wires of each electronic component should be connected to the nearest same grounding point to reduce the voltage difference of the wires. In addition, the ground wire should also be connected to the grounding point on the board surface to facilitate better stability of the industrial control PCB circuit board.

C. Power Circuit of Industrial Control PCB Circuit Board:

The design of the power circuit must be reasonable in order to improve the stability of the industrial control PCB circuit board. When designing power circuits, it is necessary to consider the positions of input and output capacitors to ensure that the capacitors can effectively protect the safety of industrial control PCB circuit boards through the form of the circuit.

D. Suitable Line Width and Spacing for Industrial Control PCB Circuit Boards:

The unreasonable setting of line width and line spacing on industrial control PCB circuit boards can affect the flow of current, thereby affecting the stability of the circuit board; If the spacing is too large, it can cause significant noise on the circuit board. To address this issue, the design should minimize the distance between industrial control PCB circuit boards and adopt appropriate isolation layers for insulation.

E. Industrial Control PCB Circuit Board Wiring Thickness:

The thickness of industrial control PCB circuit board wiring directly affects the heat of the circuit board. If the wiring thickness is too large, it will affect the thermal conductivity of the circuit board. Therefore, the wiring thickness of the circuit board should be controlled based on the power and board area. When designing wiring, appropriate wiring width should also be selected based on specific requirements.

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