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What are the common plates used in Rogers high frequency plate processing?

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High frequency plate is commonly used in automotive collision avoidance systems, communication equipment, radio systems and other fields, in the high frequency plate processing commonly used plates are: Rogers, Tecumseh, F4B, Yalong, etc., a variety of models to meet the needs of different high-frequency plate. So, what are the common plates used in Rogers high frequency board processing?

A. Rogers RO4350B

RO4350B is a high frequency plate model produced by Rogers, unlike conventional epoxy resin, it is a ceramic-based high-frequency material as a substrate. When the circuit operating frequency in more than 500MHz, design engineers can choose the material range is greatly reduced. RO4350B material can meet the specific requirements of engineers for the design of circuits, such as network matching, transmission line impedance control. Because of its low dielectric loss characteristics, in high-frequency applications, R04350B material more common circuit materials can not match the advantages of its dielectric constant with temperature fluctuations is almost the lowest of similar materials; in a wide frequency range, its dielectric constant is also quite stable, up to 3.48, while the design of the recommended value of 3.66.

B. Rogers RT5880

RO5880 is the U.S. Rogers company in response to the increasingly stringent requirements of high-frequency circuit design on the plate, the introduction of a new generation of high-frequency plate materials, its use of polytetrafluoroethylene glass fiber reinforced material manufacturing, and is currently in the microwave board is also widely used. The microwave circuit market has grown considerably over the past few decades, and from applied waveguides to low-cost substrates, Rogers has always been at the forefront of microwave substrate technology and offers a wider selection of microwave boards.

The Rogers 5880 has the lowest dielectric constant of 2.20 ± 0.02 measured at 10 GHz IPC-TM At the same time, the dielectric loss of the sheet is only 0.0009 measured at the same standard, and it supports up to Ku-band frequencies and beyond. There is also a moisture absorption rate as low as 0.02%, making it ideal for applications in high humidity environments.


C. Rogers RO3003

Rogers RO3000 high frequency microwave RF circuit materials are PTFE composites containing special ceramic fillers for commercial microwave and RF applications. The advanced laminates in this series all offer best-in-class electrical and mechanical stability.

RO3000 series laminates are available in a wide range of different dielectric constant (Dk) values, all providing consistent mechanical properties. This allows designers to develop many different multilayer designs by selecting laminates with more appropriate Dk in different monolayers without warpage or reliability issues. In addition, RO3000 series laminates maintain a stable dielectric coefficient over a wide temperature range.

RO3003 laminates have excellent dielectric constant (Dk) stability over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. The unique design of the material provides stability that eliminates the step change in dielectric constant at room temperature found in general purpose PTFE materials. Ideal for applications such as automotive radar (77 GHz), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and 5G wireless infrastructure (millimeter wave).

The above is Rogers high frequency plate processing in the three commonly used plates, need to know more about the Rogers plate type characteristics can consult us.

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