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What are The Brands and Characteristics of High Frequency Board?

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With the continuous release of 5G technology, various electronic products are applied in various aspects, and the electronic frequency design of equipment is also becoming higher and higher. The requirements for circuit board boards are becoming higher and higher, and they need to have excellent electrical performance and good chemical stability. Therefore, the importance of high frequency boards has become prominent. Xinchenger Electronics will introduce the high frequency board brand to you!

A. Rogers

About Rogers PCB Sheet Instructions

Rogers high frequency board is a proprietary woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic material with the electrical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene/woven glass and the manufacturability of epoxy/glass.

Rogers is different from the traditional PCB material - epoxy resin (FR4), which has no glass fiber in the middle and uses a ceramic base as a high frequency material. Rogers has excellent dielectric constant and temperature stability, and its dielectric constant and thermal expansion coefficient are very consistent with copper foil, which can be used to improve the shortcomings of PTFE substrate.

Rogers high frequency board is very suitable for high-speed electronic design, commercial microwave and RF applications. Its low water absorption is very suitable for high humidity applications, providing customers in the high frequency board industry with the highest quality materials and related resources, fundamentally improving product quality.

B. Taconic

About Taconic PCB Sheet Instructions

Taconic has always been a global leader in the Teflon product industry, exporting to approximately forty countries. The main products are divided into Industrial Materials (IPD), High Performance Insulation Materials (ADD), and Building Materials Fiber Weaving Department (AFD).

Taconic high-performance insulation materials provide PTFE/woven glass fiber woven panels for the microwave, radio frequency (RF), and high-speed digital signal processing markets. This material can be used in LNAs, LNBs, PCS/PCN antenna systems, global positioning systems (GPS) and UMTS antenna systems, as well as power amplifiers, passive components, collision avoidance radar systems, aviation navigation and remote-control technology, and phased array radar systems.

C. Wangling

About China PCB Sheet Brand Description

Wangling is a professional manufacturer of high-frequency microwave printed circuit substrates, and an economic entity that integrates scientific research, production, and operation in the field of electronic information materials. Its leading products include polytetrafluoroethylene fiberglass cloth copper clad laminates, ceramic filled polytetrafluoroethylene fiberglass cloth copper clad laminates series, microwave composite dielectric substrates series, microwave multilayer boards, microwave electronic devices, and insulation and anti adhesive coating fabrics.

Widely used in fields such as aerospace, aviation, satellite communication, navigation, aerospace, radar, electronic countermeasures, 3G, 4G, 5G communication, Beidou satellite systems, textiles, clothing, and food.

These are three commonly used high frequency board brands in the market, all of which contain multiple different series of products.


Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 2-36 layer high-frequency PCB circuit boards. We can produce PCB boards, high-frequency boards, special circuit boards, microwave RF boards, antenna boards and other products on an expedited basis. We often stock Rogers, Taconic F4B, TP-2, FR-4 and other boards, with dielectric constants ranging from 2.2-10.6. At the same time, it has advantages such as high quality, low cost, and foreign information technology support. The main product types include high-frequency microwave PCB boards, Rogers high frequency board, Taconic high frequency board, F4B/Teflon high frequency board, microwave RF board, special circuit board, etc.. If you need, please feel free to inquire!

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