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The Whole Process of PCB Manufacturing

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The whole flow of PCB manufacturing process includes the following steps:

Organize and check the PCB layout: This includes checking whether the PCB layout conforms to the production process and whether there are defects and other problems.

Cutting Board: Cut the PCB substrate into production size.

Pre-treatment: Clean the surface of the PCB substrate and remove surface contaminants.

Film Pressing: Apply dry film to the surface of PCB substrate to prepare for subsequent image transfer.

Exposure: Use exposure equipment to expose the laminated substrate with UV light to transfer the image of the substrate to the dry film.

DE:Will be exposed after the substrate through the development, etching, film, and then complete the production of the inner layer of the board.

Internal Inspection: Mainly for testing and repairing board lines.

Patching: Soldering gold wires onto the notches or depressions to prevent electrical defects.

Pressing: Pressing several inner laminates into one board.


Riveting: Cut PP into small sheets and normal sizes so that the inner laminates can fit with the corresponding PP.

Laminating and pressing, targeting, gonging and grinding.

Drilling: In accordance with customer requirements using a drilling machine will be drilled out of the board with different diameters, different sizes of holes, so that the board through the holes in order to follow up on the processing of plug-ins, but also to help the board heat dissipation.

A copper: For the outer layer of the board has been drilled holes in copper plating, so that the board layers of line conduction.

Outer Layer: The outer layer with the first step in the inner layer of the process is roughly the same, its purpose is to facilitate the subsequent process to make the line.

Secondary Copper and Etching: Secondary copper plating, etching.

Inspection and Testing: Comprehensive inspection and testing of the PCB to ensure product quality.

Packaging and Shipping: The completed PCB is packaged and ready for shipping.

Environmental Protection: Pay attention to environmental protection issues in the process, and take appropriate environmental protection measures, such as the treatment of wastewater, exhaust gas emissions.

Safety: Pay attention to safety issues in the process, take appropriate safety measures, such as equipment maintenance and repair, staff safety training.

Quality Control:  Pay attention to quality control in the process and take corresponding quality control measures, such as monitoring of process parameters, quality inspection, etc.

Cost Accounting: Cost accounting should be carried out in the process to control manufacturing costs and improve economic efficiency.

Standardized Management: To implement standardized management in the process, establish and improve the corresponding management system and standards to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Technology Update and Upgrade: In the process to focus on technology updates and upgrades, and constantly introduce new technologies and equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality.

PCB manufacturing process is a complex process, need to pay attention to a number of aspects of the problem. By continuously improving and upgrading the process, we can improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production costs and meet market demand.

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