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Rogers RO4350B High Frequency Material Parameters

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RO4350B is a patented woven glass cloth reinforced hydrocarbon resin system/ceramic filler material with electrical properties very close to PTFE/woven glass cloth materials and processability similar to epoxy/glass cloth materials.

RO4350B is able to utilize standard epoxy/glass cloth processing while providing tightly controlled dielectric constants and losses at a fraction of the price of conventional microwave materials. There is no need for special through-hole plating pre-treatment or handling procedures as with PTFE-based microwave materials. It is also UL 94V-0 fire rated for active equipment and high voltage RF designs.

Rogers Ro4350B HF material, dielectric constant: 3.38 ± 0.05, loss factor: 0.0027, temperature coefficient of dielectric constant: +40, volume resistance: 1.7 x 10 & 10, surface resistance: 4.2 x 10 & 9, TG: >280, TD: 425, thermal conductivity: 0.64.

Rogers RO4350B


A, Low dielectric constant tolerance and low loss;

  1. b, Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies;
  2. c, Low dielectric constant fluctuation with temperature;
  3. d, Low Z-axis coefficient of expansion;
  4. e, Easy to mass production;
  5. f, CAF impedance (resistance to ionic migration).

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