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Rogers RO3003G2 Sheet Specifications and Parameters

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Rogers RO3003G2 high frequency ceramic filled PTFE laminate is a further upgraded version of Rogers RO3003. Rogers RO3003G2 laminate is designed to specifically address the needs of next-generation automotive electronics millimeter wave radar applications based on customer feedback from the industry.

Compared to RO3003 high frequency board material, RO3003G2 material further optimizes the resin and special filler system to reduce filler particles and improve material system homogeneity, further reducing the dielectric constant tolerance between the whole board and the batch nature; the smaller and more homogeneous filler system also enables smaller over-hole design during PCB processing.

Rogers RO3003G2 high frequency board stock features a new very low roughness electrolytic copper foil (VLP ED), which was tested to have dielectric constants of 3.00 (clamped strip line method) and 3.07 (microstrip line differential phasing method) at 10 GHz and 77 GHz, respectively. With even lower insertion loss, the RO3003G2 HF boards have extremely low loss, with an insertion loss of only 1.3 dB/inch at 77 GHz measured by the microstrip line differential length method on a 5 mil thickness of material. ideally suited for a variety of ADAS applications such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning systems, and active braking or lane-change assist systems.

Differences between the two materials of Rogers RO3003 and RO3003G2:

A. RO3003 dielectric constant (Dk):  

3.0 + / - 0.04; 

Loss Factor Df: 0.0010 (at 10 GHz); 

Thermal Expansion XYZ Axis Coefficient: 17/16/25 (ppm / ℃); 

Water Absorption: 0.04%; 

Fire Rating: UL 94V-0.

B. RO3003G2 Dielectric Constant(Dk):  

3.0+/-0.04(at 10 GHz),3.07+/-0.04(at 77 GHz);

Loss Factor Df: 0.0011(at 10 GHz);

Thermal Expansion XYZ-axis Coefficient: 16/17/18(ppm/°C);

Water Absorption: 0.06%;

Fire Rated: UL 94V-0 0.


Rogers RO3003G2 has the following characteristics.


A. Industry-leading insertion loss performance.

B. Further minimizes Dk variation in finished boards.

C. Supports microvia design.

Typical Applications:

A. Adaptive cruise control.

B. Forward collision warning.

C. Active Brake Assist.

D. Lane change assistance.

E. Traffic jam navigation.

F. Automatic parking.

G. Blind spot detection.

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