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Processing Difficulties and Application Areas of Multilayer High Frequency PCB Production

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Multi-layer high frequency PCB is a more complex PCB structure, which consists of multi-layer circuit boards. In a multilayer HF PCB, components can be arranged and connected on multiple layers. The upper and lower layers are connected to each other through jacks and pads. Multi-layer high-frequency PCBs are usually used for complex circuits, such as base stations, wireless communications, aviation systems and so on.

A. Advantages and disadvantages of multi-layer high frequency PCB:


  1. a, Can realize complex circuit layout;
  2. b, Line crossing will reduce the board size;
  3. c, Suitable for complex circuit layout.


  1. a, Higher manufacturing cost;
  2. b, The manufacturing process is more complex than single-layer PCB;
  3. c, Not applicable to ultra-large circuit layout.

B. Multi-layer High Frequency Circuit Board Production Processing Difficulties:

  1. a, Immersed copper: the hole wall is not easy to copper plating;
  2. b, Control image conversion, etching, line width, line gap and sand holes;
  3. c, Green oil process: control of green oil adhesion and blistering;
  4. d, Strict control of each process surface scratches and other defects.

High Frequency PCB

C. Multi-layer High Frequency Circuit Board Production Process.

Cutting and opening - drilling - hole treatment (plasma treatment or chemical potion activation treatment) - chemical copper immersion - full-board plating - dry film - inspection - graphic plating - etching - etching inspection - anti-soldering - text - spraying tin - CNC appearance - electrical testing - final inspection - packaging - shipping shipments.

D. High Frequency Circuit Board Application Areas.

  1. a,5G communication, telecommunication equipment and other communication products;
  2. b, Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and so on;
  3. c, Passive components, such as power dividers, couplers, duplexers, filters, etc.;
  4. d, High-frequency electronic devices in the field of automobile collision avoidance system, satellite system, radio system, etc..

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