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PCB processor: what is the minimum size of pcb over-hole?

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In the manufacturing process of PCB (Printed Circuit Board), vias are a very important component. They bear the function of connecting different circuit layers, so that the circuit board can work properly. So, what is the minimum size of PCB vias?

The size of PCB vias is determined by the requirements of the manufacturing process and application scenarios. Generally speaking, the more advanced the manufacturing process, the smaller the minimum size of PCB vias. In the traditional manufacturing process, the minimum size of PCB vias is usually around 0.3mm. However, with the continuous progress of technology, more and more advanced manufacturing processes appear, so that the minimum size of PCB vias can reach even smaller dimensions.

Currently, the market widely used advanced manufacturing processes include laser drilling and mechanical drilling  two. LaserDrilling is a process that uses laser technology to etch holes into PCBs, allowing for very small over-hole sizes, down to 0.1mm or less. Mechanical drilling, on the other hand, is the traditional manufacturing method, and the aperture size is usually larger.

The size of the PCB vias has a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the board. While smaller vias allow for higher integration and smaller line spacing, there are some challenges. For example, small-sized vias are prone to incomplete punching or clogging during the manufacturing process. Therefore, factors such as manufacturing feasibility, circuit requirements, and cost need to be considered when selecting the size of the vias.


In addition, different application scenarios also have different requirements for the size of PCB vias. For example, in high frequency circuits, the electrical properties of the vias are required to be as good as possible, so smaller vias are required. In power circuits, the hole needs to be able to withstand larger currents, so you need a larger hole size.

In summary, the minimum size of PCB vias depends on the manufacturing process and application requirements. The more advanced the manufacturing process, the smaller the minimum size of the PCB vias can be. When choosing the size of the over-hole, it is necessary to consider the manufacturing feasibility, circuit requirements and the application environment and other factors to ensure the performance and reliability of the circuit board.

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