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PCB Processing Process, Surface Treatment Technology Need to Pay Attention to The Problem?

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In the process of PCB processing, surfacetreatment technology needs to pay attention to the problems include:

Protection of The Copper Surface Layer of The PCB:  The main purpose of surface treatment is to protect the copper surface layer of the PCB from corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate surface treatment technology to ensure that the copper surface layer is fully protected.

Provide a Good Foundation for Soldering:  Surface treatment should also provide a good foundation for subsequent soldering operations. The flatness and roughness of the surface treatment needs to meet the welding requirements to ensure that the solder joints can be firmly attached to the PCB.

Meet Special Requirements:  According to different application scenarios and performance requirements, may need to carry out special surface treatment of the PCB. For example, some applications may require high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-fingerprint and other special properties of the surface treatment. Need to select the appropriate surface treatment technology according to the specific requirements.

Control of Environmental Pollution:  The surface treatment process may produce waste liquids, waste gas and other pollutants, which need to be effectively managed and discharged. Enterprises need to take environmental protection measures to reduce the emission of pollutants, and at the same time strengthen the recycling and reuse of waste.

Ensure Safety:  The surface treatment process may use some toxic or flammable substances, which require safety protection and emergency treatment. Enterprises need to strengthen safety management and training to ensure the safety of operators.

Continuous Improvement and Technology Update:  With the continuous progress of technology, the surface treatment technology is also continuously developing and updating. Enterprises need to pay attention to industry dynamics and technology trends, timely introduction of new technologies and new products to improve the quality and efficiency of surface treatment.


Uniformity of Surface Treatment:  Ensure that the surface treatment is uniform to avoid problems such as color difference and unevenness. This requires controlling the process parameters of surface treatment, such as temperature, time, concentration, etc.

Surface Treatment Thickness:  Control the thickness of surface treatment according to the actual demand. Too thin or too thick surface treatment layer may affect the performance and service life of the circuit board.

Cleaning After Surface Treatment:  After surface treatment, you need to do a good job of cleaning to remove surface residues and contaminants. Incomplete cleaning may result in degradation of the surface quality or subsequent processes may be affected.

Material Compatibility:  When selecting a surface treatment material, its compatibility with the substrate needs to be considered. Inappropriate material combinations may result in poor surface finish or quality problems.

Durability Testing:  Conduct durability tests on surface-treated boards to ensure that they can maintain stable performance in different environments and usage conditions.

Process Stability:  Ensure the stability of the surface treatment process to avoid inconsistent surface treatment results due to process fluctuations. This requires strict control and monitoring of the process.

Cost-benefit Analysis: When selecting surface treatment technology, a cost-benefit analysis is required. Consider the investment cost, operation cost, quality cost and other factors of the surface treatment technology to ensure that the selected surface treatment technology is economically feasible.

Technical Update and Training: With the continuous development and update of surface treatment technology, operators need to continuously learn and master new technologies. Enterprises need to carry out regular technical training and exchange activities to improve the skill level of operators.

In summary, surface treatment technology in the PCB processing process requires attention to a very large number of issues, need to comprehensively consider a variety of factors in order to obtain high-quality, high-performance circuit boards. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to strengthen technical research and development and innovation, strengthen communication and cooperation with customers, and continuously optimize and improve technology and services.

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