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PCB Multi-layer Plywood Processing Need to Pay Attention to What Aspects?

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The processing of PCB multi layer plywood needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

Material Selection:Select high quality materials, such as high quality inner core board, copper foil and glue, to ensure the performance and reliability of the multi-layer plywood.

Design Requirements:Process the multi-layer plywood according to specific design requirements, including the number of layers, thickness, external dimensions, positioning holes, etc., to ensure that the structure and performance of the multi-layer plywood meet the design requirements.

Laminating Process: In the process of laminating, the temperature, pressure, time and other parameters should be well controlled to ensure that the bonding between the layers of the laminated multi-layer plywood is firm and flat.

Cutting and Processing:  The multi-layer plywood should be cut and processed accurately to obtain the required size and shape, and at the same time, attention should be paid to maintaining the flatness and integrity of the multi-layer plywood.

Surface Treatment: Perform necessary treatment on the surface of multi-layer plywood, such as gold plating, sandblasting, etc., to improve its conductivity and aesthetics, and at the same time, pay attention to protect the surface of multi-layer plywood.

Quality Control: During the processing, strict quality control should be carried out, including quality testing of materials, monitoring of processing and quality inspection of finished products, etc., to ensure that the quality and performance of multi-layer plywood meet the design requirements.

Environmental Protection Requirements: In the processing process, pay attention to environmental protection requirements to avoid producing environmentally harmful waste gas, waste water and waste residue.

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Equipment Maintenance: Regular maintenance and repair of the processing equipment to ensure the normal operation and processing accuracy of the equipment.

Personnel Training:  Professional training for operators to improve their skill level and awareness of operating standards to ensure the quality and safety of multi-layer plywood processing.

Safe Production:  In the process of processing, we should strictly abide by the provisions of safe production, to ensure the personal safety of the staff and the safe operation of the equipment.

PCB multi-layer plywood processing needs to pay attention to material selection, design requirements, lamination process, cutting and processing, surface treatment, quality control, environmental protection requirements, equipment maintenance, personnel training and safe production, in order to ensure that the quality and performance of the multi-layer plywood in line with the design requirements, and at the same time, to protect the personal safety of the staff and the quality of the environment.

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