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PCB Multi-layer Plywood Processing Methods and Precautions

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Preparation of Materials:  Prepare the materials required for multi-layer plywood, including inner core board, glue, copper foil, etc.

Lamination: Laminate the inner core board and copper foil according to the design requirements to ensure strong bonding between the layers.

Cutting and Processing: Cut and process the laminated multi-layer plywood to obtain the required size and shape.

Surface Treatment:  The surface of the multilayer plywood is given the necessary treatment, such as gold plating, sandblasting, etc., in order to improve its conductivity and aesthetics.

During the processing, the following matters need to be paid attention to:

The thickness and external dimensions of the inner core plate must be in accordance with the design requirements, without open, short, broken circuit, oxidation and residual film.

Multi-layer plywood interlayer cavity filling must be sufficient to exhaust the interlayer gas and volatiles to ensure strong bonding between the layers.

In the process, attention should be paid to the three major issues of temperature, pressure and time. Temperature is mainly to pay attention to the melting and curing temperatures of the resin, the setting temperature of the hot plate, the actual temperature of the material and the change in the speed of warming up, and so on, and these parameters need to be paid attention to. As for pressure, the basic principle is to fill the interlayer voids with resin and exhaust the interlayer gases and volatiles. The time parameters are mainly the control of the timing of pressurization, the control of the timing of temperature rise, gel time and other aspects.

In the process, pay attention to the safe operation procedures to avoid accidents.

PCB -232

Keep Clean:  In the processing process, keep the working environment clean to avoid dust and impurities affecting the quality of multi-layer plywood.

Accurate Measurement: In the process of processing, the dimensions of the multi-layer plywood should be measured accurately to ensure that it meets the design requirements.

Avoid Over-processing: Avoid over-processing during processing to avoid affecting the performance of multi-layer plywood.

Follow The Safety Regulations:  In the processing process, we should follow the safety regulations to ensure the personal safety of the operators.

PCB multi-layer plywood processing needs to strictly control the parameters and operating procedures to ensure that its quality and performance meet the design requirements.

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