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PCB Market Status and High Frequency PCB Circuit Board Description

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In the past decade or so, China's printed circuit board manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, the total output value and total production both ranked first in the world. Due to the rapid changes in electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of the supply chain, China has both industrial distribution, cost and market advantages, has become the world's most important production base for printed circuit boards.

Printed circuit boards have evolved from single-layer to double-sided, multilayer and flexible boards, and are constantly moving towards high precision, high density and high reliability. Continuously reduce the size, reduce costs and improve performance, so that the printed circuit board in the future development of electronic products, and still maintain a strong vitality.

The future development trend of printed circuit board manufacturing technology is in the performance of high-density, high-precision, fine aperture, fine wire, small pitch, high reliability, multilayer, high-speed transmission, lightweight, thin direction.

China Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report Outlook" survey data show that in 2010, China's printed circuit board manufacturers above designated size totaled 908, with assets totaling 216.176 billion yuan; sales revenue of 225.796 billion yuan, an increase of 29.16%; to obtain a total profit of 9.403 billion yuan, an increase of 50.08%.

A. The Application of High Frequency PCB:

  1. a, Automotive radar systems;
  2. b, Global positioning satellite antenna;
  3. c, Cellular telecommunications systems - power amplifiers and antennas;
  4. d, Live satellite;
  5. e, E-band point-to-point microwave links;
  6. f, Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags;
  7. g, Airborne and ground radar systems;
  8. h, Millimeter wave applications.

B. The Manufacture of High Frequency PCB:

In the manufacture of high frequency PCB, its plate materials, manufacturing processes and equipment than ordinary PCB has a higher demand, such as the dielectric constant of the plate material to be small, dielectric loss value should also be small, in order to reduce its loss. High frequency PCB circuit production in the circuit requirements are also higher.

C. High Frequency PCB Board Manufacturing PCB Board Selection

PCB boards on the market today are many brands and models, high frequency PCB boards in the manufacture of how to choose the right PCB board? This is also a very critical factor, different PCB boards manufactured out of high frequency PCB board performance parameters are not the same.

High Frequency <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>PCB Circuit Board</a>

Good high frequency board has the following characteristics:

  1. a, high frequency PCB boards need to be resistant to high temperature, high pressure, moisture and other properties, so you need to choose a low water absorption PCB board. Low-absorption PCB boards have better hydrolysis resistance, which can effectively reduce the impact of moisture on the circuit and improve the reliability of high frequency PCB boards.
  2. b, high frequency circuit boards need to use materials with good conductivity and low dissipation factor. This material not only has good conductivity, reliability and stability, but also has excellent corrosion and wear resistance.
  3. c, the greater the thickness of the copper foil of the high frequency PCB board, the faster its transmission speed. However, the thickness of the high frequency PCB board also needs to match the thickness of the copper foil. If the copper foil thickness is too large, it is easy to lead to problems such as circuit board breakage or interface breakage. Therefore, the copper foil thickness and the thickness of the circuit board need to be taken into account when selecting PCB boards.
  4. d, when choosing PCB boards, you need to consider the balance between cost and performance. PCB boards can be selected according to the requirements and budget of the high frequency PCB board to achieve the best cost performance.

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