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PCB Manufacturers Order Process

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The order taking process of PCB manufacturers mainly includes the following steps:

Customers provide designed circuit diagrams, including schematic diagrams and PCB board diagrams.

PCB manufacturer   carries out PCB board production according to the circuit diagram, including layout, wiring and board making.

The PCB manufacturer purchases the required electronic components according to the BOM list provided by the customer.

After the PCB board is made, the components are soldered to form the PCBA board.

The PCBA boards are tested and inspected to ensure that their functions and performance meet the requirements.

If required by the customer, the PCBA boards are assembled into the product casing and the overall testing and inspection is carried out.

Finally, deliver the qualified products to customers, and pack and ship them according to customers' requirements.

It should be noted that in the order taking process, PCB manufacturers need to fully understand the customer's designrequirementsto ensure that the PCB boards produced meet the customer's expectations and requirements. At the same time, PCB manufacturers also need to adjust and improve the problems that occur during the production process according to the actual situation, to ensure the quality of the product and the smooth progress of production.


In order to ensure the productquality and delivery quality of PCB manufacturers, you can control the following aspects:

Selection of High-quality Materials:  Selection of raw materials and electronic components with stable quality and excellent performance is the basis for ensuring product quality. At the same time, to ensure that the procurement of raw materials and electronic components of qualified quality, to avoid the impact of product quality due to material problems.

Strict production Process: PCB board production process, to follow a strict production process, to ensure that each step of the production process meets the requirements. At the same time, we should regularly check and maintain the production equipment to ensure the normal operation of theequipment, to avoid equipment failure affect product quality.

Comprehensive Quality Inspection:In the production process, comprehensive quality inspection should be carried out, including line inspection, appearance inspection, performance test, etc.. For unqualified products should be reworked or scrapped to avoid unqualified products into the market.

Good Supplier Relationship: Establishing a good relationship with suppliers can ensure a stable supply of raw materials and electronic components, avoiding supply chain problems affecting product quality and delivery time.

Strict delivery Management:  When taking orders, we should fully understand the customer's needs and requirements, and reasonably arrange the production plan to ensure on-time delivery. At the same time, to maintain communication with customers, timely feedback on production progress and delivery, to ensure that customers understand and control the production process.

Continuous Improvement:  Through the continuous improvement of product quality and delivery quality, continuously enhance the production capacity and quality management level of the enterprise in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

In short, in order to ensure the quality of product and delivery quality of PCB manufacturers, we need to control and manage from many aspects, establish a perfect quality management system and production management system to ensure the quality of the product and the smooth progress of production.

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