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PCB Circuit Board Screen Printing Stencil Taut Mesh Details

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PCB screen printing stencil taut mesh operation instructions:

Due to the repeated use of mesh frame, mesh frame around the residual adhesive, mesh yarn and other debris, must be cleaned up, so as not to affect the adhesion of mesh yarn and mesh frame.

Place the frame on the platform (horizontal) to check whether the frame is deformed or not, if it is deformed, it needs to be leveled.

Clean up, not deformed mesh frame and mesh yarn next to the surface of Pu and evenly coated with a layer of non-hardening agent glue in order to enhance the mesh yarn and mesh frame adhesion after pulling the mesh.

After the first application of glue for about 10 minutes, place the mesh frame on the netting table and adjust the relative position and height.

Select the mesh, loosen the surrounding clamp nozzle, the mesh yarn spread on the frame, and then the mesh yarn average clamp into the clamp nozzle, can not have wrinkles, pay attention to the four corners of the mesh yarn to have a loose balance, the clamp nozzle must be locked, clamps and clamps can not be gaps between (automatic ascending frame, manually pulling the mesh, for example).



The first tension 26, 5 minutes of rest tension 24; 

The second tension 28, 5 minutes of rest tension 26; 

The third tension 32, 5 minutes of rest tension 30; 

The fourth correction 5 points of tension 32, 20 minutes of rest on the glue tension 30; 

15 minutes of curing under the glue net tension 28, 72 hours of rest before making the screen (to one meter × one meter automatic production line using the screen) (Take one meter x one meter automatic production line as an example). Longitudinal and horizontal synchronization pull open, has been pulled to the required tension when the brush glue, commonly used net net yarn tension (100T, 110T, 120T are 30 ± 2 Newton) (77T, 51T are 35 ± 2 Newton) (24T is 50 ± 2 Newton)

Will have adjusted the glue with a small brush evenly brushed on the screen frame and screen next to the surface above, not to drop the glue into the middle part of the screen, to be 8 minutes after the drying of the glue, the glue can be used to glue the surface of the squeegee will not be fully affixed to the place where the pressure tightly affixed to the contract for 10 minutes or so the glue is completely dry (should be used to enhance the drying of the open air blowing) before you can get off the net.

Use a paper cutter to remove excess mesh yarn around the screen, and in the screen border indicate, date, mesh and under the net tension (in order to observe the tension changes) In order to prevent the penetration of the screen washing water (anti-white water) in the inner corners of the screen frame with red glue sealing, and then sealed with waterproof tape in the screen frame and mesh next to the surface of the top, also to prevent the infiltration of the liquid.

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