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Microwave Antenna PCB Process Design Requirements

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What are the requirements of microwave antenna PCB process design? The accuracy of its positioning, substrate manufacturing procedures, the size of the substrate, the type of probe are all factors that affect the reliability of detection.

a, Accurate positioning holes. In the substrate set up accurate positioning holes, positioning holes error should be within ± 0.05mm, at least set up two positioning holes, and the farther the distance the better. The use of non-metallized positioning holes to reduce the thickening of the solder plating layer can not meet the tolerance requirements. If the substrate is a whole piece of manufacturing and then separate test, the positioning holes must be located in the motherboard and each separate substrate.

b, The diameter of the test point is not less than 0.4mm, the spacing between neighboring test points is preferably more than 2.54mm, not less than 1.27mm.

c, In the test surface can not be placed in the height of more than *mm components, too high components will cause the in-line test fixture probe on the test point of poor contact.

d, It is best to place the test point around the component 1.0mm away, to avoid probe and component impact damage. Positioning holes around the ring within 3.2mm, there can be no components or test points.

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e, The test point can not be set in the PCB edge 5mm range, the 5mm space to ensure that the fixture clamping. Usually in the conveyor belt type production equipment and SMT equipment also requires the same process edge.

f, All the probe point is best to tin or choose a softer texture, easy to penetrate, not easy to oxidize the metal conductor to ensure reliable contact, to extend the service life of the probe.

g, The test point must not be covered by solder resist or text ink, otherwise it will narrow the contact area of the test point and reduce the reliability of the test.

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