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Introduction and Advantages of Ceramic High Frequency PCB

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A. The Introduction of Ceramic High Frequency Circuit Boards:

Ceramic high frequency circuit boards are different from traditional circuit boards, ceramic-like materials have good high frequency performance and electrical properties, and has a high thermal conductivity, chemical stability and excellent thermal stability and other organic substrates do not have the performance. Therefore, in recent years, ceramic high frequency circuit boards have received widespread attention and rapid development.

B. The Advantages of Ceramic High Frequency PCB:

  1. a, Higher thermal conductivity
  2. b, More compatible with the coefficient of thermal expansion
  3. c, More secure, lower resistance to the metal film layer
  4. d, Good solderability of the substrate, the use of high temperature
  5. e, Good insulation
  6. f, High frequency loss is small
  7. g, Can be assembled at high density
  8. h, Does not contain organic components, cosmic ray resistance, high reliability in aerospace, long service life
  9. i, Copper layer does not contain oxide layer, can be used in the reducing atmosphere for a long time.


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