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How to Choose the High Frequency Antenna PCB Board Plate?

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With the communication technology from 2G, 2.5G to 3G, and the current 5G, the data transmission throughput is getting bigger and bigger, the bandwidth needed is getting wider and wider, and the frequency is getting higher and higher; the miniaturization of the equipment is also one of the future development trends, and once the equipment becomes smaller, it needs PCB to have a higher heat conduction ability and a higher dielectric constant.

High-frequency antenna board materials are mainly used in high-power amplifiers, base station antennas, GPS, weather radar and meteorological satellites, as well as automotive radar and sensors. The following Xinchenger Electronics details how to choose high frequency antenna pcb board material.

The main parameters of the high frequency antenna board material have Dk and Df. in the high frequency used in the line board, the stability of the Dk value is a guarantee of the reliability of the board; Df value should be as small as possible, in order to reduce the signal loss. And, in some high-speed, large-scale data transmission system will also be used in some high-frequency plate.

When the circuit operating frequency in the radio frequency band, design engineers can choose the plate range will be greatly reduced. The high frequency antenna plate material chosen needs to have oxidation resistance. It can provide exceptionally stable electrical properties over a long period of time at a certain temperature, as well as having a low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), ensuring reliability of the metal overbore under a variety of machining and operating conditions, and excellent dimensional stability.


To be an excellent HF antenna board, not only need excellent circuit design, but also need good manufacturability, because good manufacturability can reduce the problems of HF antenna board mass production, shorten the development progress of HF antenna board, and reduce the cost of design, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the competitiveness of products. Therefore, in the high frequency antenna board design on the circuit board material selection is particularly important.

Classification of high frequency antenna pcb board board material.

A. To Material Points:

a. Organic materials: phenolic resin, glass fiber / epoxy resin, Polyimide, BT / Epoxy and so on belong to.

b. Inorganic materials: aluminum, Copper-invar-copper, ceramic and so on belong to. Mainly take its heat dissipation function.

B. Distinguish Between Hard and Soft Products

a. Rigid PCB;

b. Flexible PCB;

c. Rigid-Flex PCB.

C. To Structure Points

a. Single-sided board; 

b. Double-sided board; 

c. Multi-layer boards.

D. According to The Use of Points

Communication/consumable electronics/military/computer/semiconductor/electrical board...

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