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How to Choose the HF Board Sheet? What Factors to Consider?

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In actual engineering practice, the selection of HF plate sheets may seem simple, but there are still many factors to consider. Understand the electrical properties, thermal properties and reliability of the sheet. Reasonable use of lamination, design products with high reliability and good processing performance, and optimize the consideration of various factors.

The following will be introduced, respectively, to select the appropriate high-frequency plate sheet main considerations:

A. Plate Manufacturability.

For example, multiple pressing performance, temperature performance, CAF / heat resistance, mechanical toughness (adhesion) (good reliability) and fire rating how.

B. Various properties matched to the product (electrical, performance stability, etc.).

Low loss, stable Dk/DF parameters, low dispersion, small coefficient of variation with frequency and environment, small tolerance of material thickness and glue content (good impedance control). If the wiring is long, consider low roughness copper foils. On the other hand, simulation is required in the early stages of high-speed circuit design, and the simulation results are the reference standard for the design.

C. Timely Availability of Materials.

Many high frequency boards have a very long procurement cycle, even 2-3 months; in addition to the regular high-frequency board RO4350 in stock, many high-frequency boards need to be provided by the customer. Therefore, HF plates need to communicate with manufacturers in advance, as early as possible to prepare materials.

D. The Cost Factor Cost.

Look at the price sensitivity of the product, whether it is a consumer product, or communications, medical, industrial, military applications.

E. The Applicability of Laws and Regulations, etc.

To integrate with different national environmental regulations, to meet the requirements of RoHS and halogen-free, etc..

Among the above factors, the operating speed of high-speed digital circuits is the main factor considered in the selection of PCB. The higher the circuit speed, the smaller the selected pcbdf value should be. Medium-low loss circuit boards are suitable for 10Gb/s digital circuits; low-loss boards are suitable for 25gb/s digital circuits; ultra-low-loss flat panels will accommodate faster high-speed digital circuits, which can reach speeds of 50GB/s or higher.


From the Material Df:

Df between 0.01 ~ 0.005 circuit board material suitable for the upper limit of 10Gb / S digital circuits;

Df between 0.005 and 0.003 circuit board material is suitable for the upper limit of 25Gb/S digital circuits;

Df not more than 0.0015 circuit boards suitable for 50Gb / S or even more high-speed digital circuits.

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