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How Many Kinds of PCB Factory Electromagnetic Components Test Method

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PCB factory testing of PCB electromagnetic components is an important part of PCB testing.

Inductance test:measure parameters such as inductance, quality factor and distributed capacitance of the inductor coil.

Resistance Test: Measure the resistance value of resistive components, temperature coefficient and stability and other parameters.

Current Test: Measure the current and its waveform through the electromagnetic components to evaluate the electrical performance of the components.

Voltage Test: Measure the voltage across the electromagnetic components and its waveform to evaluate the electrical performance of the components.

Magnetic Test: Measure the permeability, coercivity and hysteresis line of magnetic materials to evaluate the performance of magnetic components.

Microwave Test: Measure parameters such as S-parameter, frequency response and power of microwave components to evaluate the performance of microwave components.

Noise Test: Measure the noise generated by electromagnetic components and its characteristics to evaluate the noise performance of the components.

Reliability Test: Evaluate the reliability and stability of electromagnetic components through various environmental tests and life tests.


A. Ordinary Coil Test

Use the digital bridge online test inductance, because the inductive coil operating frequency is often not low, you can set the frequency above 10kHz test inductance.

B. Transformer Coil Test

By testing the inductance D value of the main transformer coil, to determine whether the transformer is short-circuited between turns.

C. Hall Device Testing

Hall sensors have single and dual power supply, current output type and voltage output type. Single power supply sensors, no current detected, the output signal is generally a single power supply 1/2; if 0 current, the signal output deviates from the middle value of a lot. Dual power supply sensors, sensing 0 current, output 0 voltage; sensing is not 0 current, the output voltage positive and negative and size with the induction current size and direction change.

D. Test of Relay

The best way to test whether the relay is normal is to energize the test, give the coil on the rated voltage, and then test the contacts on and off; common faults are coil breaks, contacts do not absorb, contact contact resistance, contacts burned and so on.

These test methods can be combined according to the specific situation in order to assess the performance of electromagnetic components in different aspects. It should be noted that specific test methods may vary depending on the PCB factory and component type, and need to be selected and applied according to the actual situation.

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