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How do PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers Process PCB Bards?

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PCB board, also known as printed circuit board, is an important part of electronic products, the main role is to connect electronic components into a whole. All electronic devices need PCB boards, so PCB boards occupy a very important position in the electronics industry. PCB board processing will go through a lot of processing procedures, these special processes have some requirements.

A. The Processing Process

PCB board processing is the first circuit schematic design is completed, and then the schematic integrated into the PCB design software, and layout and wiring design. Then this design file is printed on the copper foil through the printer, and the board is etched, drilled, inserted and other processes, and finally tested, packaged and shipped.

B. Processing Technology

  1. a, Plate selection. The production of PCB board substrates usually have glass fiber copper-clad plate, can withstand high temperatures, even at high working temperatures still maintain the shape of the substrate.
  2. b, Veneer compression. Board processing before the treatment, the need for veneer compression, the copper foil and the substrate for a closer combination.
  3. c, Etching technology. The original design will be transferred to the copper foil through specific technology, and finally through the cathode and anodic etching technology, the unwanted copper foil is removed, leaving the copper foil plate that conforms to the circuit design.
  4. d, Perforation process. In order to realize the plug-in layout of components, it is necessary to insert pins into the hole wall of the circuit board, and apply auxiliary substrates, pressurized devices, drills, coolants, etc. to drill holes.

How do <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>PCB Circuit Board</a> Manufacturers Process PCB Bards?

C. The Application Areas of PCB board

  1. a, Mmobile communication products;
  2. b, Power amplifier, low noise amplifier and so on;
  3. c, Power divider, coupler, duplexer, filter and other passive components;
  4. d, Automotive collision avoidance systems, satellite systems, radio systems and other fields, electronic equipment high frequency is the development trend.

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