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File Format Terminology For Double-sided Boards:

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A. The top line layer (light drawing code: GTL) - (electrical type connection on the top layer).

B. The top layer of silkscreen layer (optical drawing code: GTO) - (placed in the top layer of the text description, component symbols).

C. The top layer of soldermask layer (light painting code: GTS) - (the top layer of soldermask settings - that is, we say green oil).

D. The bottom line layer (light painting code: GBL) - (the bottom of the electrical type connection).

E. The bottom of the silk screen layer (light code: GTO) - (placed in the bottom of the text description, component symbols).

F. The bottom of the soldermask layer (light painting code: GTS) - (the bottom of the soldermask settings - that is, we say the green oil).

G. Drilling layer (light code: DRL) - (circuit board above all the holes).

H. Molding line (light drawing code: GKO) - (mainly for the final shape of the shape of the frame).


Above the introduction of the board layer, each used in the layer, there will be a "light drawing code", this is the production of circuit boards when the light drawing file (Gerber) of the name of each layer, the above code is in accordance with the protel series of software standard format, but also the industry's general format, the project encountered such a format can be Very quickly for production, for example:

GTL: (G: light drawing Gerber abbreviation; T: top layer TOP abbreviation; L: line Layer abbreviation).

GBL: (G: abbreviation for Gerber; T: abbreviation for Bottom; L: abbreviation for Line Layer).

GTO: (O: silkscreen Overlay abbreviation).

GTS: (S: solder resist Solder abbreviation).

GTP: (P: paste Paste abbreviation).

GKO: (KO: keepout).

For single-sided boards, only one of the groups is needed (1, 2, 3+7, 8 or 4, 5, 6+7, 8).

Four-layer circuit boards add an intermediate layer and an inner layer to the double-sided boards, as well as more drilling files because of the presence of blind or buried vias.

Intermediate layer 1 (optical drawing code: G1), the first intermediate layer electrical signal connection.

Intermediate layer N (lightmap code: Gn), electrical signal connection of the nth intermediate layer.

Inner layer 1 (light code: GP1), first inner layer signal connection.

Inner layer N (Optical code: GPN), Nth inner layer signal connection.

Drilling: In addition to general-purpose drilling (through-hole), will be placed in accordance with the blind holes or buried holes to automatically generate, for example, DRL1_2 (the top layer to the intermediate layer 1 drilling), DRL3_4 (drilling holes 3 to four layers), because of process reasons, many intermediate layer drilling can only be the second-order (that is, each other in accordance with the sequential arrangement of the drilling of course, there are any connection to the drilling of the holes, but this is not a general factory can be produced! So as long as there is the existence of blind holes, more than 98% of domestic factories can not do or are not willing to do, because even if the production, the price is expensive, so we try not to design blind holes.

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