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Commonly Used Copper Clad Laminate Sheets for High Frequency RF Microwave PCB Board Manufacturers

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When designing PCB circuits at microwave frequencies, the key characteristics that define the performance of microwave/RF printed circuit board (PCB) laminates include dielectric constant (Dk), loss factor (Df), coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), dielectric constant thermal coefficient (TCDk), and thermal conductivity.

The most familiar high-frequency material to PCB laminate users is probably polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic thermoplastic fluoropolymer with excellent dielectric properties at microwave frequencies.

A. Isola High-performance PCB Laminate Sheets

Since its inception in 1912, Isola has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of laminated copper-clad laminate substrates. They have an optimal balance between cost and performance when selecting substrates. Key factors that microwave and millimeter wave board designers must consider when selecting high speed RF or microwave laminates include dielectric thickness, dielectric constant and loss factor, as well as small tolerances between batches.

RF high frequency designs require extremely precise control of dielectric constant, line width and dielectric thickness. The chart below lists some of the most common laminate sheets available from Isola.

High Frequency RF <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>Microwave PCB Board</a>

B. Rogers Sheet for RF/Microwave Circuit Design

As one of the longest publicly traded companies in the U.S., Rogers has a wealth of innovative technologies for solving end-customer challenges. 1949 saw the introduction of the first RT/duroid® material for electronics applications, and today, the RT/duroid® line of high-frequency PTFE laminates is the industry leader in high-speed RF/microwave PCB design. The Rogers Corporation motto is "Enhancing, Protecting, and Connecting Our World.

Utilizing Rogers' advanced materials and application knowledge of sinks and circuits, global resources, engineering and design resources, our team is able to provide comprehensive solutions for high frequency PCB manufacturing.

Due to the widely varying properties of different HF board sheets, most PTFE PTFE PCB laminates require special equipment and processes to manufacture high reliability PCB. The best known brand name for PTFE formulations is Teflon, which used to be used for non-stick pans. This material is difficult to use without proper and sufficient experience.

Shenzhen Xinchenger Electronics is a high frequency microwave RF PCB manufacturer with a large stock of boards for high frequency laminates, and has been specializing in the production and processing of high frequency microwave RF PCB boards for many years. Applications include RF antennas, wi-fi (carrier grade and licensed access), IP infrastructure, power amplifiers, multiplexers/multiplexers, test and measurement equipment, and more.

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