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Application of High Frequency PCB and Manufacturing of High Frequency PCB

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High frequency PCB generally refers to PCB circuit boards with high electromagnetic frequencies. When transmitting electromagnetic signals, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the board have a great impact on the electromagnetic signals, and there are high requirements for its manufacturing boards. Different circuit designs in high frequency PCB require the use of different materials in manufacturing. Also widely used in a variety of various electronic fields.

A. The Application of High Frequency PCB:

  1. a, Automobile radar system;
  2. b, Global positioning satellite antenna;
  3. c, Cellular telecommunications systems - power amplifiers and antennas;
  4. d, Live satellite;
  5. e, E-band point-to-point microwave links;
  6. f, Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags;
  7. g, Airborne and ground radar systems;
  8. h, Millimeter wave applications.

High Frequency PCB

B. The Manufacture of High Frequency PCB

In the manufacture of high frequency PCB, its plate materials, manufacturing processes and equipment than ordinary PCB has a higher demand, such as the dielectric constant of the plate material to be small, dielectric loss value should also be small, in order to reduce its loss. High frequency PCB in the circuit production of the circuit requirements are also higher.

High frequency PCB commonly used material brands are: Rogers, Taconic, Isola, F4B (Teflon), TP-2, FR4 and so on. Each brand has different models, respectively, for electronic products used in different fields.

We are a professional 2-36 layers of high frequency PCB circuit board manufacturers, can be expedited production of PCB boards, high frequency boards, special circuit boards, microwave RF boards, antenna boards and other products, the company is always on hand: RogersTACONICF4B, TP-2, FR-4 high frequency boards, The dielectric constant is 2.2-10.6. Please contact us if you have any demand.

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