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What are the Disadvantages of PCB Surface Treatment Process

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Any one of the PCB circuit board production will be attached to a pcb surface treatment process details, choose what kind of pcb surface treatment process and product price is a direct impact, of course, different processes have its strengths and weaknesses, mainly depends on the product applied to what place, let us come together to understand the common PCB surface treatment process defects are:

A. OSP organic antioxidant - very simple to be affected by acid and humidity, PCB hosting time beyond 3 months after the need to re-do a surface treatment process, open the package within 24 small used up, OSP for the insulating layer, in the test points need to be added to the printed solder paste used to deal with the original OSP layer, before touching the needle point for electrical testing.

B. Hot air leveling - fine gap pins and too small components are not suitable for welding, because the PCB tin spray board appearance of poor flatness, in the PCB processing process simply appear tin beads, fine gap pins on the components is also simple to constitute a know the way.

PCB -27

C. Chemical precipitation silver - not only in the production of PCB board cost is high, welding performance is not good, the use of electroless nickel plating process, black plate will easily constitute, nickel layer will follow the moment of oxidation, long-term reliability is also a problem.

D. Electroplating nickel gold - by electroplating nickel gold process PCB boardthe color is slightly worse than the sinking gold, the color is not as bright as other processes out of that.

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