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What are The Counterpropagation Steps for PCB Circuit Board Copy Board?

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The process of PCB circuit board copy board is to complete the rapid updating and upgrading of all kinds of electronic products and secondary development by extracting some corrections and amendments in the technical data files, and according to the document diagram and schematic diagram extracted from the copy board, it can be upgraded and optimized! So what is the counterpropagation process of PCB circuit board copy board? Trust a lot of people are in doubt, today the circuit board manufacturer's editor will answer with us!

PCB Circuit Board Reverse Thrust Process is As Follows:

A. Record The Relevant Details of The PCB Board

Take a pcb board, record on paper all the components of the type, parameters, orientation, especially diodes, tertiary direction, the direction of the slot. A digital camera can be used to take two photos of component orientation. Many circuit board copy board higher grade diode triode some do not pay attention to simply can not see;

B. Scanning Pictures

Take out all the equipment and remove the tin from the PAD hole. pcb board cleaned with alcohol and then put into the scanner, scanning needs to be slightly adjusted to the scanned pixels to get a clearer picture. The top and bottom of the water gauze paper quietly polished until the copper shiny, put into the scanner, start PS, the two layers were swept in a colorful method;

PCB -38

C. Proofreading Pictures

Adjust the screen contrast, brightness, so that there is a copper film and no copper film part of the contrast is intense, and then change the sub-picture to black and white, check whether the circuit board copy board lines are clear, such as not clear, you can repeat this process;

D. Viewing The Orientation of The Degree of Coincidence

The two BMP format files were converted into PROTEL format files and PROTEL files, such as PAD and VIA after two layers of PAD and VIA orientation basically overlap, marking the first few processes to do a good job, if there is a deviation, repeat the implementation of the third step. Therefore, PCB circuit board copy board is a very patient operation, because a small problem on the circuit board will affect the quality of the circuit board copy board and match;

E. Production Layer

Convert the TOP layer of the BMP into TOPPCB, pay attention to be converted to SILK layer, that is, the yellow layer, and then you are in the TOP layer is, and according to the drawings placed devices. After finishing the production, the SILK layer will be deleted. Continue to repeat until all layers are produced;

F. View

Detect whether the electronic technical performance of the copied board is the same as the circuit board.

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