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What are The Classifications of RF Microwave PCB?

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Classified According to The Aapplication Field: It can be divided into special PCB boardsf or communication, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures and other fields. These PCB boards need to be characterized by high frequency, high precision and high stability to meet the needs of different fields.

Classification According to Materials: Can be divided into FR4, Rogers, Taconic and other brands of ceramic substrates, polyimide (PI) and so on. Different materials have different dielectric properties, thermal properties and mechanical properties, etc., and should be selected according to specific needs.

Classification According to Dielectric Constant: Can be divided into low dielectric constant PCB and high dielectric constant PCB. low dielectric constant PCB is mainly used in the need for high-speed transmission and low loss occasions, while high dielectric constant PCB is used in the need for high-capacity occasions.

According to The Structure Classification: Can be divided into single-sided board, double-sided board, multilayer board and so on. Single-panel structure is simple, low-cost, suitable for simple circuit manufacturing; double-sided boards and multilayer boards are suitable for the manufacture of complex circuits, which can realize high-density integration and multifunctional applications.

Classified According to The Transmission Line Structure: It can be divided into microstrip line, ribbon line, coplanar waveguide and so on. Different transmission line structures are suitable for different circuit requirements and need to be selected according to specific needs.


According to The Working Frequency Classification: Can be divided into low-frequency microwave PCB and high frequency microwave PCB, low frequency microwave PCB working frequency is generally below 100MHz, while the working frequency of high frequency microwave PCB is generally more than 100MHz, and even up to hundreds of MHz or higher.

According to The Working Temperature Classification: Can be divided into room temperature, high temperature and low temperature PCB, room temperature PCB is suitable for general environment work, high temperature and low temperature PCB is suitable for special environment work, such as high-temperature furnace, low-temperature refrigerator and so on.

According to The Special Process Classification: Can be divided into gold-plated, immersed gold, OSP and other processes of the PCB, these special processes can improve the conductivity, corrosion resistance and reliability of the PCB, suitable for some special application scenarios.

Classification According to Application Scenarios: Can be divided into antennas, filters, amplifiers and other special PCB, such PCB needs to be customized according to specific application scenarios to meet special needs.

In summary, RF microwave PCB classification in a variety of ways, in the actual application, you need to choose the right type of circuit board and material according to the specific needs, in order to achieve the best performance and results.

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