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The Difference Between PCB Resin Plug Holes and Green oil plug holes

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From the quality point of view in the choice of PCB board process, is good resin plug holes, but for the whole process, there is one more process, the cost of PCB board resin plug holes is much higher than the PCB board green oil plug holes, and green oil plug holes for the whole process is simple, can be in a combination of clean room and the surface of the ink together with the work. Or first plug holes in the printing, but the quality of plug holes is not as good as the resin plug holes, green oil plug holes after the solid-state contraction, for customers with high requirements or design requirements, such is not very suitable.

When the PCB board using resin plug holes this process is often because of the BGA parts, because the traditional BGA may be done between the PAD and PAD VIA to the back to the line, but if the BGA is too dense to lead to the VIA can not go out, can be directly drilled from the PAD to do via to the other layer of the line, and then fill in the holes with resin to copper plating into the PAD, is also commonly known as the VIP process, if only the PAD to do via without using resin plug holes, and not to do the resin plug holes, and the resin plug holes are not suitable for printing, but the quality of the resin plug holes is not good. If you just do via on the PAD without plugging the holes with resin, it is easy to cause tin leakage leading to short circuits on the back side and empty soldering on the front side.

PCB resin plug holes in the process including drilling, plating, plug holes, baking, grinding, drilling holes plated through, and then plug the resin baking, and finally is grinding will be smoothed out, smoothed out after the resin because it does not contain copper, so it is necessary to once again a layer of copper up to turn it into a PAD, these processes are in the original PCB drilling process to do, that is, the first to plug holes in the hole to deal with a good job, and then drilled the other holes according to the original normal process to go. The original normal process to go.

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General green oil open window is the through hole, that is, the aperture in the 0.35MMC plug-in holes, because it is used for plug-ins, so there can not be an insulating effect of green oil in the hole. Green oil plug hole part of the main follow-up in the SMT production of BGA PCB multilayer circuit boards and other motherboards before plug holes, aperture in the 0.35MMC below the NPTH holes, plug holes in the hole is to prevent these non-parts holes in the natural environment over the years, oxidized by acid and alkali corrosion caused by the short-circuit, resulting in poor electrical properties, so do plug holes, BGA plug holes in the standard is impermeable to plug holes in the two-thirds of the best part. The standard of BGA hole plugging is impervious to light, to plug two-thirds of the hole is the best, but after plugging the hole, the ink can not wrap the hole. There are BGA part of the customer has requested to do plug holes.

PCB board resin plug holes and green oil plug holes in the two are mainly in the fullness of the difference, other aspects such as acid and alkali resistance, resin plug holes than green oil to occupy the advantage.

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