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PCB Board Printed Circuit Surface Immersion Gold Process has what effect

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In the circuit board exterior treatment there is a very common use of the process, called immersion gold. Sinking gold process is intended to be in the PCB printed line appearance on the accumulation of color stability, good brightness, smooth plating, weldability outstanding nickel-gold plating.

Briefly, gold is the choice of chemical stacking method, through the chemical redox reaction in the circuit board appearance to produce a layer of metal plating.

A. The Role of Immersion Gold Process

Circuit board on the copper is mainly copper, copper solder joints in the air is easy to be oxidized, which will form the conductivity is to eat tin bad or poor contact, reducing the performance of the circuit board, then you need to copper solder joints for the appearance of the treatment, immersion gold is plated on top of the gold, gold can be useful to isolate the copper metal and air to prevent oxidation off, so the immersion of gold is the appearance of anti-oxidation of a way to deal with the chemical reaction in copper, and a layer of gold covered with the appearance of gold, and a layer of nickel gold plating. The appearance of the copper covered with a layer of gold, also known as chemical gold.

B. Immersion Gold Can Improve the Appearance of PCB Board Processing

The advantages of the immersion gold process is in the printed line on the appearance of the accumulation of color is very stable, brightness is very good, the plating layer is very flat, weldability is very good. Sinking gold general gold thickness of 1-3 Uinch, so sinking gold this kind of appearance treatment out of the gold thickness is generally thicker, so sinking gold this kind of appearance treatment is widely used in the keypad, gold finger boards and other circuit boards, due to the conductivity of the gold is strong, good oxidation resistance, long service life.

PCB (6)

C. The Choice of Immersion Gold Plate Circuit Board Advantages

a, Immersion gold plate colorful, good color, good-looking, improve the attractiveness of customers.

b, Immersion gold formed by the crystal structure than the other appearance of the treatment is easier to weld, can have better performance, quality assurance.

c, Because of the immersion gold plate only in the pad with nickel gold, will not have an impact on the signal, due to the skin effect in the signal transmission is in the copper layer.

d, The metal properties of gold is more stable, the crystal structure is more dense, not easy to oxidation reaction.

e, Because of the immersed gold plate as long as the pads have nickel gold, so the line solder resistance and the combination of the copper layer is stronger, and is not easy to form a micro-short circuit.

f, Works in the compensation will not have an impact on the distance, to facilitate the work.

g, Lmmersed gold plate stress is easier to manipulate, in the use of better experience.

D. The Difference Between Immersion Gold and Gold Finger

Gold finger we say more straightforward, is the brass contacts, can also be said to be the conductor. In detail, it is because of the strong oxidation resistance of gold, and conductivity is also very strong, so in the memory stick and memory slot connected to the parts plated with gold, then all the signals are transmitted through the gold finger. Because the gold finger consists of a lot of yellow conductive contacts, its appearance of gold-plated and conductive contacts arranged like a finger-like, and thus named. Commonly speaking, the gold finger is a memory stick and memory slots between the connecting parts, all the signals are transmitted through the gold finger. Gold finger by a lot of gold-colored conductive contacts, gold finger is actually in the copper-clad board after a special process and then coated with a layer of gold.

Therefore, a brief distinction is that the sinking of gold is a circuit board appearance processing technology, and the gold finger is a circuit board with signal connection and conduction components. In market practice, the gold finger may not be real appearance of gold. Because of the expensive price of gold, more memory are selected to replace the tin-plated, tin materials from the beginning of the 1990s began to spread, the current motherboards, memory and graphics cards and other equipment, "gold finger" is almost always the choice of tin materials, as long as some of the high-performance servers / workstations will continue to choose the contact points of high-performance servers / workstations will continue to choose the gold-plated practice! The price is naturally high.

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