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In The PCB Process Work, The Most Need To Pay Attention To The Problem

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In the PCB process work, the most important issues needing attention include the following aspects:

Signal line Direction: The direction of the signal line should try to avoid bending, especially for high-speed signal lines need attention.

Line Width Spacing:  According to the power and transmission rate of the circuit to determine the line width and line spacing, the smaller the line width and line spacing, the better the circuit performance, but the greater the difficulty of production.

Crystal Layout: Layout of the circuit in the crystal circuit should be placed in the center of the circuit board to reduce the interference of high-speed signals.

Grounding: It must be ensured that the grounding on the PCB is excellent in order to reduce the probability of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) problems.

Special Material Selection: For special circuit designs, it is necessary to select materials that are resistant to high temperature, high voltage, and high frequency for manufacturing in order to support specific performance requirements.

PCB Layers: When performing multi-layer PCB design, multi-layer design should be performed based on circuit requirements and cost considerations.

Insulation Performance: For high-voltage circuits, PCB materials with high insulation performance need to be selected for manufacturing.

PCB -17

Layout of Pads: The location and size of the pads should be reasonably arranged to avoid short circuits between pads or small spacing leading to unreliable soldering.

PCB Processing Technology: PCB manufacturing needs to pay special attention to process requirements, such as PCB lamination, drilling and other manufacturing process control.

Characters Placed Indiscriminately: Character cover pad SMD solder pads, to the printed circuit board pass test and component welding inconvenience. Character design is too small, resulting in difficulties in screen printing, too large to make the characters overlap each other, difficult to distinguish.

Single-sided Pad Aperture Settings: Single-sided pads are generally not drilled, if drilled holes need to be labeled, the aperture should be designed for zero. Single-sided pads such as drilling should be specially labeled.

Drawing Pads With Filler Blocks: In the design of the line can pass the DRC check, but for processing is not possible, so the class of pads can not directly generate soldermask data, in the soldermask, the filler block area will be covered by the soldermask, resulting in difficulties in device soldering.

Electrical Ground Layer and Flower Pads and Connecting Lines: Because the design of the flower pad way of power supply, ground layer and the actual printed circuit board image is the opposite, all the connecting lines are isolated lines, which should be very clear to the designer.

Processing Level is Not Clearly Defined:  Single-panel design in the TOP layer, such as not adding the description of the positive and negative to do, perhaps made out of the board loaded with devices and bad welding.

Designed to Fill The Block is Too Much or Fill The Block With a Very Thin Line to Fill:  Resulting in the phenomenon of loss of light drawing data, light drawing data is not complete.

PCB process work in the need to pay attention to a number of issues, including the signal line to the line width spacing, crystal layout, grounding, special materials selection, PCB level, insulation, pad layout, PCB processing technology, characters placed indiscriminately, single-sided pad aperture settings, filler pads, electric ground layer and the flower of the pads and wires, the processing of the level of definition of the unclear and the design of filler block too many or Filler blocks are filled with very thin lines, etc. These problems need to be addressed in the process work. These problems require special attention and handling in the process work.

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