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How are Multilayers Pressed When PCB Boards are Made?

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PCB multilayer board pressing is the use of high temperature and high pressure after the semi-cured sheet by heat curing and one or more pieces of the inner layer of the etched plate (by the black oxide treatment) and copper foil dipping synthesized into a multilayer board process. Pressing is an important process for manufacturing PCB multilayer boards.

How are multilayers limited when PCB boards are manufactured?

A. Pressure Pot

This is a kind of high temperature full of water vapor, but also can impose high air pressure container, PCB board manufacturing, can be laminated after the substrate specimen, placed in which a period of time, forced to make the water into the plate, and then take out the board and then placed on the surface of the high temperature molten tin, measuring its "delamination-resistant" characteristics.

B. Cap Pressing Method

Refers to the traditional lamination method of PCB board manufacturing in the early days, when the "outer layer" more than the use of single-sided copper thin substrate for stacking and pressing, until after the yield increase, only to change to the current copper type of large-scale or a large number of pressure law.

PCB -23

C. Wrinkles

In the multilayer board pressing, often refers to the copper skin in the treatment does not occur when the wrinkles.

D. Depression

Refers to PCB board manufacturing, the copper surface presents a gentle and uniform depression, perhaps due to the press of the steel plate used in its local point-like outstanding caused by these shortcomings if unfortunately after etching copper still remain on the line, will cause high-speed transmission signal impedance instability, and PCB board will be presented noise.

F. Copper Foil Pressure Plate Method

Refers to the mass production of multilayer boards, the outer layer of copper foil and film directly with the inner skin compression, become a multilayer boards of multi-row boards, large-scale pressure plate method (Mass Lam), to replace the pre-production of the single-sided thin substrate of the traditional compression method.

The above is the PCB board manufacturing, multilayer board limitation methods and processes.

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