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What is the difference between gold-immersed and gold-plated PCB?

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Immersion gold and gold-plated board process differences are as follows:

a, Immersion gold using a chemical reaction method to generate a layer of plating, the general thickness is thicker, is a chemical nickel gold layer deposition method, you can achieve a thicker layer of gold.

b, Gold plating uses the principle of electrolysis through the current, also called electroplating method.

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In the actual product application, 95% of the gold plate is immersed gold plate, because the poor weldability of gold-plated plate is its fatal drawback!

What are the benefits of immersion gold plate.

a, Immersion gold plate gold thickness is much thicker than gold-plated, immersion gold will be golden yellow compared to gold-plated more yellow, gold-plated will be slightly whitish (nickel color).

b, Lmmersion gold is easier to solder than gold-plated, will not cause bad soldering. For products with binding, more conducive to the processing of binding.

c, Immersion gold plate only pads with immersion gold, soldermask below is not immersion gold is copper. The real board to distinguish between the process can be wiped off the solder resist to see whether it is copper or gold, is the copper side of the immersed gold.

d, Immersion gold plate only pads with immersion gold, so the line of soldermask and the copper layer of the bond is more solid. The project will not have an effect on the spacing when making compensation.

e, With the wiring is more and more sophisticated, Xinchenger has achieved 3 mil line spacing line width. Gold-plated is prone to short-circuiting of the gold wire. Immersion gold plate only pads on the gold, so it will not produce a gold short circuit.

f, Immersed gold compared to gold-plated crystal structure is more dense, not easy to produce oxidation, immersed gold flatness to be good.

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