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Then Solve The Problem of Tin Beads and Slag in PCBA Process?

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To solve the problem of tin beads and slag in the PCBAprocess, the following measures can be taken: 

Adjust The Reflow Soldering Temperature Profile:Control the rate of temperature rise in the preheating zone, so that the temperature rises slowly to avoid causing boiling. At the same time, set the parameters of the mounter to ensure that the solder paste on the pads will not be squeezed state.

Select The Appropriate Stencil Opening Mode: Ensure the quality of solder paste printing according to the requirements of the production process, to avoid leakage and unclear contours.

Try to Choose The Solder Paste That Has Been Used for a Longer Period of Time: In order to reduce the impact of solder paste deterioration on soldering.

Set The Parameters of The Mounter: To ensure that the solder paste on the pads will not be squeezed state.

Enhance The Responsibility of Operators and Technicians in The Production Process:  Strictly follow the process requirements and operating procedures for production, and strengthen the quality control of the process.

Choose Suitable Solder Paste:  And pay attention to the storage environment of components and PCBs to avoid the formation of tin beads due to environmental problems.

Board with BGA, QFN and dense pin components PCB bare board is recommended to use strict baking action: to ensure that the removal of pad surface moisture, maximize the enhancement of solderability and eliminate the generation of tin beads.

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PCBA Processors Will Inevitably Introduce Hand Soldering Station:  This requires management to strictly control the tin dumping operation. Arrangement of specialized storage boxes, timely cleaning of the table, while strengthening the post-soldering pull QC for hand-soldered components around the SMD components visual inspection, focusing on checking whether the SMD components solder joints inadvertently dissolved by touch or tin beads of tin slag scattered between the component pins.

Adjust The Amount of Solder Paste Printing:  According to the specific layout of the PCBA board components to adjust the appropriate size of the aperture, control the amount of solder paste printing, to avoid too much or too little solder paste to affect the welding effect.

Control The Welding Temperature and Time:  Ensure that the welding temperature and time in line with the process requirements, to avoid too high or too low a temperature resulting in tin beads, tin slag.

Use Anti-leakage Printing Stencil:  Choose to use anti-leakage printing stencil to avoid leakage or blockage of solder paste printing, which will affect the soldering effect.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance of EquipmentRegular inspection and maintenance of soldering equipment and tools to ensure their normal operation, to avoid equipment failure or tool problems resulting in the generation of tin beads, tin slag.

Strengthen Staff Training:Strengthen staff training, improve operational skills and responsibility, to avoid human factors lead to the generation of tin beads, tin slag.

The Use of Automated Equipment: The use of automated welding equipment, reduce manual operation, improve the quality and efficiency of welding, to avoid manual operation caused by the generation of tin beads, tin slag.

Optimize PCB Design and Component Layout:  Optimize PCB design and component layout, reduce the number and density of solder joints, to avoid excessive or dense solder joints lead to the generation of tin beads, tin slag.

The Use of Cleaning Agents:  The use of cleaning agents to clean the PCB and components, to remove the residual tin beads, slag and oxides and other impurities, to improve the quality and reliability of welding.

In summary, to solve the problem of PCBA process tin beads, slag need to start from a number of aspects, including the adjustment of process parameters, the selection of suitable materials and equipment, strengthen staff training and quality control measures. Through the comprehensive implementation of these measures, can effectively reduce the emergence of tin beads, slag problems, improve the quality and reliability of PCBA.

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