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PCBA soldering causes and solutions

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A. Reasons for PCBA Soldering:

a, In the production process, caused by improper production process, such as poor welding or less tin caused by component feet and solder pads do not lead, PCB circuit board in the through when not in a state of unrest;.

b, Because of electrical appliances by long-term use, some of the more serious parts of the fever, the soldering feet at the solder joints are very easy to aging stripping phenomenon or impurities caused by the rise.

B. Determine The Method of PCBA Soldering:

a, According to the phenomenon of failure to determine the approximate scope of the failure; 1.

b, Appearance observation, focusing on viewing the larger components and large amount of fever components.

c, The use of magnifying glass for observation.

d, Shake the suspected components by hand, while observing whether the pin solder joints have been loosened.

C. PCBA Soldering Solution:

a, Components must be moisture containment, such as the configuration of moisture-proof cabinets;

b, The welding of straight electrical appliances can be slightly polished before welding.

c, In welding, you can use solder paste and flux, preferably with a reflow soldering machine, manual soldering requires good technique.

d, Fair choice of good PCB circuit board substrate material.


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