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PCBA Processing Process Link Combing

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With the PCBA production end of the integrated and one-stop service mode of maturity. At present, many electronic product companies are also happy to find a complete production of their products out of the professional suppliers. But if it is new to the procurement or the first time to go the whole PCBA outsourcing model, it is likely that many customers are not particularly adequate to understand. Because of the lack of understanding so there will be misunderstandings, so today with you to analyze the whole process of PCBA processing in detail.

A. Business Communication.

Business communication in fact, with the previous SMT patch, PCB proofing separate separate go half package mode is the same, the early stage will certainly need to conduct a business negotiation stage. You sure I need, I'm sure you can do. ok, the next step.

B. Evaluation of the Offer.

Do electronic products undoubtedly need to do some communication on the price of the product, after all, both sides have a cost need to assess. PCBA processing plant will be based on the customer's BOM list and Gerber information for an evaluation of the quotation link. After determining, we all have no problem can go to the next step of the process.

PCBA Processing- SMT SMD - PCB Sampling -PCBA Testing- PCBA Supplier

PCBA Processing Process Link Combing

C. Customer Orders.

This process is the customer according to their own product market sales and the company's program needs, how much to do. How many goods to be prepared to place how many orders with the  PCBA manufacturer. On the contrary, the SMT factory will be based on their own scheduling conditions and production capacity to analyze and evaluate the customer's product delivery, to determine whether the customer can complete the order within the specified time to deliver the task. Both sides for the delivery time is also acceptable, or after coordination in the form of a contract to determine, if possible, the next step.

D. Component Procurement.

Because it is PCBA one-stop serviceso it is inevitable that the factory to purchase electronic components. After the contract has been signed, PCBA processing plant will be based on the customer's BOM list for the procurement of materials.

PCBA Processing Process Link Combing

E. Incoming Material Inspection.

As a qualified PCBA processing plant, for the purchase of materials for incoming material inspection and sealing samples to save is a routine operation. Because only qualified products can be used in production. Sealed samples to save there is a special use is to facilitate the customer for the supplier to purchase materials for the return inspection. (Of course, this situation is best not to appear, if it means that the components of the product batch of problems, rework is a small matter, the loss of customer trust is a big deal).

F. PCBA Manufacturing Stage.

The whole stage is the field operation in the process and process control the most links. Solder paste mixing, solder paste printing, SPI solder paste detection, SMT chip processing, reflow oven temperature curve settings, AOI full inspection, DIP plug-in over wave soldering and so on.

G. PCBA Testing.

Test is a PCBA manufacturing must be carried out after the completion of a link, including burn-in, aging, functional testing and so on. Only through the customer's products specified in the test session, stamped with a PASS seal of the product can enter the packaging process.

PCBA Processing Process Link Combing

H. Packaging and Transportation.

PCBA manufacturing test is completed to meet the customer's standards and recognition can be packaged. Packaging exists in general packaging and anti-static packaging. This needs to be evaluated according to the characteristics of the customer's products, after which the logistics link can be taken.

Basically, we have for the above eight links to sort out, see what we need to coordinate with the company and the supplier, after a full understanding of the PCBA supplier can be selected. Of course, different companies may have different ways of operation.

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