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PCBA Processing Flow

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To realize multi-functional operation in a small circuit board, just rely on the bare PCB is no way to complete, the need for the bare board for component placement, plug-in and then welding, these processes are called PCBA processing.

PCBA processing and PCB is the difference is that, without any processing of the printed circuit board is called PCB bare board, and PCBA refers to the PCB bare board and then welded electronic components on this entire process.

In terms of technology, PCBA processing flow can be roughly divided into five main links, generally based on the customer's BOM list of components to match the purchase, confirm the production of PMC plans. After the completion of sufficient prior preparation, the start of SMT programming, by virtue of the SMT process to create a laser stencil, and then printed with solder paste.

PCBA Processing Flow

A. SMT Patch Processing

The process is: solder paste mixing - solder paste printing - SPI - mounting - reflow soldering - AOI - rework.

B. DIP Plug-in Processing

The process is: plug-in - wave soldering - clipping - post-soldering processing - washing board - quality control. After the wave soldering board will be dirty, need to use the washboard water in the washboard tank for cleaning.

C. PCBA Test

Divided into ICT test, FCT test, aging test and vibration test, etc., according to the different products and customer requirements, choose different means of testing.

D. Three-proof Coating

The steps of the process are: painting A surface - surface drying - painting B surface - room temperature curing - spray thickness, this process should be noted that all the coating work should be carried out at not less than 16 ℃ and less than 75% relative humidity.

E. Finished Product Assembly

The PCBA board will be tested for the assembly of the shell, and then tested, and finally can be shipped.

The above is about the PCBA processing process, such as the need to understand the process in more detail, you can directly contact Xinchenger Electronics, PCBA production work is a ring followed by a ring, any one of the links have problems will bring a great impact on the quality of the product, in the actual processing of the process should be strict quality control of each process, effectively saving customers time and cost, improve efficiency.

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