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PCBA Manufacturing Process Need to Pay Attention to The Problems

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PCBA process need to pay attention to the following issues:

Operating Environment: Keep the operating environment clean and tidy, can not place any items with gray with hair, as well as food, etc., especially eliminate smoking.

Purchase of cComponents: When purchasing components, we need to choose suppliers carefully to avoid purchasing fake and shoddy products.

Loading Pprocess: During the loading process, attention should be paid to the correctness of the equipment, the material to meet the production requirements, the position and direction of the components and the welding specifications.

Soldering Process: In the process of soldering, don't burn the PCB board, and set the soldering parameters according to the characteristics and combination of different components.

Testing: According to the requirements set by the customer, conduct comprehensive and strict testing and inspection of the products produced to ensure product quality.

Packaging: In packaging, in strict accordance with customer needs, to determine the most appropriate packaging and transportation methods, to deliver the product intact to the hands of customers, and to ensure that the packaging is strong enough and able to protect the object to avoid damage.

Static Electricity Protection: PCBA processing should pay attention to do a good job in the discharge of static electricity processing. In contact with the circuit board, wear electrostatic clothing, electrostatic shoes and so on.

Component Storage: Minimize the steps of PCBA production, the operation process of the gloves are dirty, we must replace them in a timely manner to avoid external pollution.

PCB Boards Should Not Be Stacked Placement: Staff in the operation process, in order to speed to save time, the circuit board multi-layer stacked together, which is very easy to cause physical wear and tear between the circuit boards, seriously affecting the functional performance.

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In addition to the above mentioned issues, PCBA process also need to pay attention to the following issues:

Accuracy of The Material and Aperture of The PCB BoardIn the PCBA manufacturing process, attention needs to be paid to the accuracy of the material and aperture of the PCB board to ensure the reliability of welding.

Cleaning of Components: In some cases, it is necessary to use anti-static brushes to clean components and avoid using plastic brushes.

Employee Training and Safety Awareness: Employees should receive relevant training before starting work to understand the safety operation procedures and precautions in the PCBA process, to improve safety awareness and avoid accidents.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Equipment and Tools: Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment and tools to ensure their normal operation and prolong service life.

Material Management and Inventory Control: Establish a perfect material management system to ensure that the process of purchasing, storing and using materials is effectively controlled to avoid material damage or expiration.

Environmental Control: Keep the production workshop clean and tidy, avoid the influence of dust and pollutants on PCBA process to ensure product quality.

Document Management and Record: Establish a complete document management system, including operation manuals, process flow charts, inspection records, etc., to ensure that all activities in the PCBA process are effectively recorded and controlled.

Customer Service and Communication: Establish good customer relations, timely communication with customers, understand customer needs, provide quality services and solutions.

In short, the PCBA process requires attention to a lot of issues that need to be managed and controlled from a variety of aspects, to ensure the smooth progress of the production process and product quality is stable and reliable.

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