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What do You Know About the Fundamental Designations in PCBA Boards?

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Some general knowledge of the fundamental designations in PCBA boards:

A. Three-in-one Board

Three-in-one board is a kind of in order to save costs less lithium maintenance.

Fundamental functions: over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, short-circuit, under-voltage, because all the functions are gathered in only the IC manipulation. So in the case of this IC is bad, there may form a PCBA board out of control. That is, in the charging process, if the IC is bad, perhaps the line is still connected, no IC overcharge maintenance, the power supply will be in the overflow time is still charging, thus forming the battery overcharge, battery heating, serious or even form the battery burning or explosion.

B. With Lithium Maintenance Boards

PCBA with lithium maintenance is equivalent to two layers of maintenance. Fundamental functions: over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, short circuit, under-voltage, that is, in the process of the big IC bad, two small IC can be manipulated on the entire line. After the power overflow, will disconnect the line, and play a maintenance effect. Avoid injuries and greater losses.


C. Edge Material

The so-called corners is the chip mounter in the mounting of the PCB when the waste thrown away, or rework process of removing the waste, recycling and reuse. Such electronic materials are not standardized, the precision of the electronic materials are not the same, may not be able to reach their most low requirements for precision, may produce PCBA abnormal operation. Even the formation of the entire PCBA leakage (that is, soldering a charged battery up, put a night or a day, the whole battery power is gone)

D. General Single-section Board

Input voltage is generally 5V, current in 1A (±200MAH)

Output voltage is generally 5V, current is 1A (±200MAH )

1A input is equivalent to 1 hour can charge the power supply 1000MAH

Normal battery voltage is generally within 3.7~4.2V, through the PCBA boost function, so the power supply output voltage in 5V, in which case the PCBA will be hot, power supply micro-heating is normal.

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