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PCBA Processing Workshop Temperature and Humidity Requirements Analysis

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Temperature, relative humidity requirements:

Temperature: 24±2℃ Humidity: 60±10.

Detection instruments and measurement requirements:

a, Temperature measurement sensor is generally selected Pt100 platinum resistance, to ensure that the measured temperature is not chaotic and correct;

b, The relative humidity is measured by dry and wet ball method, which can avoid the influence of wind speed on the measurement of humidity;

c, Resolution: temperature: 0.01 ℃; humidity: 0.01% RH;

d, Overall error (electrical measurement + sensor): temperature: ± 0.1 ~ 0.2 ℃; humidity: ± 1.5% RH.

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Detailed governance delineation:

a, PE engineers are responsible for setting parameters according to product requirements and seasonal changes;

b, Placement location: Electronic pointer dry and wet bulb temperature and humidity meter should be placed in the dense area of the machine to facilitate the collection of temperature and humidity changes in the most sensitive areas;

c, Temperature and humidity meter record cycle is generally set to 7 days, every week on schedule to replace the record table. Replacement of the record-keeping form to a person for safekeeping, the retention period of at least 1 year, to the Engineering Section to apply for a new record-keeping form, the form must be recorded on the start date, the time to replace the record-keeping form, the record-keeping start time must be the same as the replacement of the form time;

d, Temperature and humidity meter record sheet by the PE Engineering Department dedicated management, other parts of the staff shall not be used without authorization;

e, Clean up the reflow soldering vent once a month to prevent excessive water accumulation;

f, Non-working days must be closed air conditioning system blowing mouth, and require the relevant parts of the air conditioning system can not be closed air extraction port switch to prevent condensation on the inner wall of the machine.

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