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5G Base Station PCB

Customized 5G Base Station Circuit Board

Board Material: FR-4

Number of layers: 6

Thickness: 1.6mm

Color: Green oil

Resistance: 50ohm

Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.2mm

Minimum Line Distance: 0.35mm

Minimum Line Width: 0.35mm

Surface Finish: Immersion Gold


From the downstream application market, PCB is mainly cited in communications, computers, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, military aviation, medical and other fields. According to statistics, communication, computer, consumer electronics and automotive electronics are important application fields of PCB products, of which communication and computer account for a larger proportion, about 65%.

Benefit from 5G commercialization, as the base station of wireless communication infrastructure will be constructed on a large scale, applied to 5G network switches, routers, optical transmission networks and other communication equipment demand for PCB increases accordingly, communication PCB output value, added value will be double enhancement. 2021 communication field industry output value of $631 billion, is expected to reach $828 billion in 2026, the CAGR of 5.58% from 2021 to 2026.

Challenges for Communication Product PCB

With the development of 5G technology, 5G communication products on PCB reliability, reliability, electrical performance, thermal performance and product quality requirements are stringent, but also requires product service life of more than ten years, which puts forward higher requirements for PCB board factory process and technology.

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A. The PCB Factory Hole Technology Requirements.

Blind embedded holes: 5G product features to enhance the PCB high-density requirements, multi-order HDI products and even any order of interconnect products are increasingly in demand, most of the PCB factory, 1-3 order HDI tends to be m

ature, but the ability to bury blind holes in the higher order needs to be improved.

Embedded copper: 5G communications high-frequency high-power devices heat dissipation requirements PCB embedded copper block, enhance the PCB heat dissipation capabilities.

B. The PCB Factory Line, Surface Technology Requirements.

Precision and consistency: 5G products on the data signal transmission rate from 25Gbps to 56Gbps, the impedance of the product, loss and other more stringent requirements, product impedance requirements from 10% to 5%, line width tolerance needs to be increased from 20% to 10%, line flatness on the signal.

From the impedance control of the factors affecting the size of the impedance tolerance, by the dielectric thickness tolerance, copper thickness tolerance, the current state of control accuracy. This is closely related to the board, PCB engineering design, process technology, process control.

Inner layer: 5G high-speed or high-frequency communication, mainly affected by the skin effect, the signal transmitted in the conductor felt impedance will be much larger than the conductor in the DC case of resistance, on the traditional inner layer of roughness low roughness Ra <0.5um.

Interlayer: 5G high-speed, dielectric layer thickness uniformity will also affect the signal transmission characteristics, the requirements of the dielectric thickness uniformity of 15%, for the "large copper surface BGA under the impedance line" and other key locations to establish the dielectric thickness control control system, the material mixing pressure requirements.

C. The Requirements of The Plate Technology.

Loss factor Df: With the 5G communication rate, frequency enhancement, the loss factor D of the plate will be more and more small;

Insertion loss & consistency: With 5G communication rate, frequency enhancement, insertion loss & consistency requirements are getting higher and higher.


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