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5G Base Station PCB

5G Base Station Circuit Board Factory

Line Width : 3.5MIL ;

Line Spacing : 4MIL ;

Drilling Diameter : =0.3mm ;

Surface Technology : Gold deposition, Gold plating, Tin spraying, OSP ;

Processing Size : 600 * 900mm ;

Plate Thickness : 3mm ;

Processing Layers : 2-36 layers.


To understand the 5G base station high frequency circuit board in the surface treatment process should be how to choose. In front of a bare copper board and a high-frequency circuit board with surface treatment process, we will choose the high-frequency circuit board with surface treatment. The reason is very simple, although the bare copper board in the performance of the above is very good, but in order to ensure good solderability and electrical properties of the purpose, then choose the surface treatment process is the most basic step.

High-frequency circuit board copper surface in the air for a long time to maintain the original copper is impossible, copper once exposed to moisture in the air will appear in a short period of time oxidation phenomenon. So we must give the copper wrapped in a layer of solder resist out of copper oxides, but the industry generally will not use this solder resist that in addition to the form, will use the present chemical nickel / immersion gold (ENIG), immersion silver, immersion tin, etc. these surface treatment processes

Dip silver process: dip silver is between the OSP and dip gold between the two. It is a relatively simple and fast process to do, silver-impregnated high-frequency circuit boards even if exposed to moisture, heat and pollution of the environment, it is still able to maintain good solderability.

5G Base Station Circuit Board Factory

Immersion tin process: Immersion tin process is very promising, because the solder is based on tin, so tin can be matched with any solder. The high solderability of tin can be seen here, and the tin process also has good thermal stability after technological upgrading.

Nickel-plated / immersion gold process: equivalent to the 5G base station high-frequency circuit board cloaked in thick armor, so that the high-frequency circuit board can be used for a long period of time in the process can also maintain good conductive function; In addition, nickel-plated / immersion gold with other processes do not have fear of prepared for the environment has a strong endurance, for example: the touch screen switches and plugs these above the best choice of nickel-plated / immersion gold process, because of gold fingers in the welding, conductivity, resistance to friction and life of the soldering. Conductivity, friction resistance and life are better.


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